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WIP (2017)

Pre-cycled temporary furniture
For Württembergischer Kunstverein

For the second edition of New Narratives, the WKV asked architects and designers to come up with ideas for temporary furnishing that would suit the progressive character of the event by offering alternative ways of production, use and storage/disposal whilst providing simple and appealing infrastructure for work, rest, party and dialogue.
Partly because of the project-behemoth Stuttgart 21, the city had been one huge conglomerate of construction sites at the time, with tons of wonderfully colourful stacks of materials waiting to be used eventually. Inspired by this view, I proposed the temporary use of some of these robust, commonly used construction elements, that I borrowed from local construction firms.
The chosen materials have suitable dimensions and robust static properties so they don’t need to be modified to function as temporary furniture that could be returned afterwards to be used as originally intended.

As utopist and impractical it might seem, the proposal materializes the idea of a possible reality where economies, arts and cultural instutions are collaborating more fearlessly and are cleverly woven into each other. This can only function in a social climate of mutual trust nourished by transparency and accountability, where appreciation and respect even towards “profane” materials are common sense.

New Narratives 2 poster: Levin Stadler
S21 Construction site photos: Lena Bryan