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Deep Fry Culture (2019)

Gas-powered deep fryer
Collaboration with Alexander Schultz

In 2015, we started establishing regular “Frydays” at the Stuttgart State Academy of Arts. Inviting students from different cultural backgrounds to share their deep-fried heritage, we’d experience a plethora of delicious, crunchy snacks from all over the planet.
Over the years, we grew dissatisfied with the prevailing reputation of deep frying, as it’s widely associated with health risks that occur through faulty execution of the process and the negative impacts of mindlessly indulging in commercial, highly processed junk food.
We’d rather see deep frying as an universal, potentially joyful aspect of the human species that can be witnessed in all corners of the world. When it comes to deep fried food, ethnicity, age or class don’t matter – the oil-drizzling goodness unites us all.

Our design encourages a conscious, respect- and delightful consumption of deep fried dishes, embodying a more sophisticated notion of this ancient culinary practice:
Less but batter.

Photos: Lucas Pullirsch-Dussourd, Dominik Schnabelrauch
Generously supported by Hinderer Metalldrückerei